Abstract Paintings

Abstract Paintings
Apiranthos Art Museum Permanent Exhibition.  Christeas’ Abstract Painting “She is Looking at Me”

My new abstract paintings “New York City waterfront Series” are dedicated to the human spirit that dreams the possible and the impossible every day trying for a better world.

I traveled frequently on the ferryboat to New York City for a week, speeding through nature’s beauty and man’s creation: The New York City waterfront. Nature reflected and colored the tall buildings that in return bounced their color facades back onto nature as well as the waterfront. Depending on the time of day we traveled, the colors exploded into a variety of energies containing such strength, that daydreaming became the only possible state of mind as we sailed through the harbor each day.

It was soon clear to me that the millions of people from all over the world, coming in and out of buildings and working in the city each day were the main force of that energy: All of them doing their best every day in pursuit of their dreams; succeeding and failing and constantly trying: As great ambassadors of the world, contributing to the life and dreams of this magnificent city. To see these paintings click here 

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